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January 30th, 2016 at 8:42:36 PM permalink
Rooms downtown are $41 a night your first two days there..... are you a gambler?

would you pay $41 US to exchange $500 Can pesos for $500 US green backs worth of gambling? 40% is $200 Canadian less the $41 US so $140 ahead on the exchange rates each day...... do they have any good VP JOB there??? is there a resort fee here?

I have been booked into more than 1 hotel while in Vegas for the same dates....tell that to some people and they think you are insane.... but hey PALMS wanted to comp me a room give me $100 in FREE PLAY and $50 in meals... was a very nice room too, corner room looking towards the strip. Paris was free room and $300 in VP play same trip
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Quote: helpmespock

I'm Canadian and the Canadian dollar has a terrible exchange rate against the US dollar currently.

In a different thread, AxelWolf commented that I should look into exchanging money at the casino and see if there are any promotions.

There is a local outfit called Continental Currency Exchange that usually only skims 1.5 cents on the exchange and I've used them for a number of years. I also called the Wynn this morning and spoke with the cage to see what their rate was like. Here is what I found out: -- $1 CDN = $0.71549 US
Wynn -- $1 CDN = $0.6807 US
Local -- $1 CDN = $0.7022 US

Looks like the local exchange outfit is still the best choice.

I did find this offer from the Downtown Grand. If you're staying with them you can exchange $500 CDN for $500 US in free slot play per day. The offer excludes table games. The offer doesn't say if video poker is included. The offer is good until March 31, 2016 and you must present a valid Canadian passport. That's one heck of a deal for Canadians.


This was the one in particular I was thinking about. I didn't want to post it up, but it's not a big deal so no worries.

I have a few suggestion I'll PM you.

They definitely have 8/5 BP. They have other various promotions and drawings as well. They may give you a few $25 match plays with your stay. I can't remember exactly, but I know I got something like that.

I'm not sure how much you and your better half play, but I have a feeling you would get your rooms for free (possibly a nice upgrade that's better than the Wynn room) and they do comp to the steakhouse across the street.

I played very little and they comped me very well, the host offered me 5 nights during a holiday. I still receive free rooms and other things.
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AxelWolf sorry to put that one out there. I just did a straight-up google search to find it. It is one heck of an offer for Canadians although the maximum exchange of $1 CDN = $0.75 US makes me wonder. Effectively at that exchange they are giving $375 US for $500 CDN. Now that the Canadian dollar has slipped even further I suspect they'll want to be made whole for the difference such that they cap their costs at the $375 US.

Coilman I pre-paid the room at the Wynn so there is no getting out of that one.

I did briefly think about booking an extra room just for one day to take advantage of the offer, but then I need to be careful about coming out underwater. It's $41 for the room. Resort fees look to be $22.34. Then factor in the above about maximum exchange rate and the deal gets thinner for someone like me. The upshot of all this is that I'm on vacation and trying to take advantage of this offer sounds like work so I'm going to give it a pass. Thanks though it has been interesting to think about how I would work this.

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Quote: helpmespock

Mrs. Helpmespock really enjoys the comforts at the Wynn. I've broached this subject before about staying elsewhere for cheaper and maybe getting better comps at a different property for my level of play and her response was, "You get to gamble. The only thing I get is the nice room."

I pointed out that she gets to shop, see a show, and eat at some nice restaurants, but strangely she wasn't persuaded by my argument.


Book a room at Downtown Grand and exchange $500 a day. Even if you don't use the room you will come out ahead.
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February 3rd, 2016 at 11:48:55 AM permalink
I called player services this morning and today's conversion rate is 0.686 which gives you $343 US$ on 500 CAN$. You then add on their $125 promo offer (0.75 rate max) to get $468. Assuming the best slot gives you a 95% return, you would be left with $444.60.

Today's exchange rate at a Canadian bank would give you $351.50, therefore EV per day per person would be 93.10 US$.

We already have rooms comped for our trip so the EV per day would be 93.10 x 2 - 63.99 (room incl resort fee) = $122.21 which is still a pretty good deal. There is also the added cost of converting the dollars back to CAN$, but in most cases you would be doing that anyway.

I know next to nothing about slots, so I was just wondering how the free play is converted. Do they add points to your players card and then they are converted to dollars as you play?

Also, my plan would be to learn VP strategy and only play the best game they have, but my wife will want nothing to do with VP and will only want to play the "fun" slots. Any advice on what slots I should steer her to? Thanks
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February 3rd, 2016 at 12:15:46 PM permalink
If you "stay" at the downtown grand for 1 night, can you do the exchange on both bordering days? if so, just pay them the $89ish USD for the room and turn your roomkey in when you stop in on the second day for that day's exchange. You're still way ahead on your two $500 conversions. If you're in town for 4 days, do this twice...
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Quote: ThatDonGuy

I would assume McCarran Airport would have at least one exchange area outside of the passport control area; what is their rate?

The currency exchange places in any American airport are rip-offs. I think you would make out much better at a casino cage.

I've never understood why other countries seem to have competitive currency exchange places all over tourist spots while in this country there doesn't seem to be any competition and the consumer gets screwed.
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