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Quote: MidwestAP

How was the VP of Player Development able to load almost a half million of free play into cards without some alarm bells either at the time he was doing it, or at least on a back end audit?

In Nevada the Gaming Control Board requires every casino to do an audit on the free play and points given away at least every 90 days. If they have similar requirements I would either guess they were not doing them or that since he was the VP of the players club, he was the one in charge of flagging any unusual transactions.

I don't think there was anything clever in what he did, It is just surprising that it was someone at that high of a level doing it.
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Quote: GWAE

Quote: DMSCR

Quote: AxelWolf

Quote: Mosca

Three charged with scamming Mohegan Sun Pocono

Pretty slick: over $400k. Of course they eventually got caught. But still, a slick operation. Waitress picks up stray players cards and gives them to the VP of Player Development, who duplicates them, adds comp cash, and gives them to a third party to play in the slots. Not sure how they got the PINs, maybe the waitress looked over the players shoulder as the number was entered. (I think the story is confused about who did what.)

Pellegrini lives near me, walking distance. Next door neighbor to our daughter's best friend. I dont know the guy, but WTF was he thinking? Nice house, nice family, all very neat and clean. Who knows.

Edited to add: the waitress would just flat out ask the players for their card and PIN. She then gave the info to the VP. It would have gone on forever, but a dealer was romantically involved with the waitress, who was also involved with the player who was cashing in the cards. The dealer got jealous and spilled the beans.

Three netted over $400k in casino conspiracy

Perhaps casinos need to spend more time and money focusing on employee theft and less time and money trying to foil AP's. They lose much more to employee theft. Obviously they need to protect their higher limit games.

Absolutely agree on that one. Casinos goes ballistic if say you win $500 every half hour consistently yet turn a blind eye when the tree rots from within until it is too late.

Mohegan Sun. Not a big fan of that casino. Much prefer Foxwoods because they let natural light in with a better layout. Mohegan's dark labyrinth interior is design to keep you in where you get lost very easily. Plus that casino is such a sore loser.

This happened in PA, not CT

Thanks for clearing that up since I just scanned through it in somewhat of my usual disgust with the whole gaming environment and the majority of the people who approach this with a something for nothing mentality. Why yes DMSCR. Reading is funnymental. LOL.

PA is even worst mind you. Good bac action though. Actually great bac action but the crowd is way sub-par.

Mohegan Sun in all its variations is crap too. Like the Borgata. That joint backed me off at the bac tables too in 2012. Just because I was spread betting! Really glad that they couldn't win in Mass and build one of their monstrosities in NY.
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Quote: Wizardofnothing

At his level 400 k over a year is less then 10k a week/ not even close to a red flag- I know some casinos where depending on the authority level they can add 100-500-2500 without a single issue- let alone I'm sure these were strong players so the play probably justified what he was offering- it's easily hidden and goes on at a lot of places


Wow, the same scam!
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Never have a partner in anything, especially
crime. The chance of you getting screwed are
huge. I once heard an FBI agent on a radio
show. He said if you want to commit a crime
and get away with it, first have no record,
and second, do it alone and tell absolutely
nobody. He said if you're smart, and not
greedy, the chances of getting caught are
"It's not enough to succeed, your friends must fail." Gore Vidal
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Bad criminals and gamblers share a fatal flaw. Not knowing when to quit.
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They were actually really different ---- scam wise
And the Pocono scam was much more thought out and harder to detect
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