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Quote: RaleighCraps

As an upstanding citizen, role model? Pete gets F

As a player who had the most hits, played hard every inning, every at bat, every minute? Pete is at the top.

Pete the PLAYER, deserves to be in the HoF.

Pete the person, does not deserve to be any sort of role model, same as wife beaters, dog fighters, and murderers.

How about a compromise ? Put Pete in HOF with a wax statue of him in an orange prison suit, with the number 14 on his back, and in handcuffs.
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Quote: kewlj

Pete Rose is 74 years old. He will be voted into the hall of fame almost immediately after his death.

Not from what I have read - apparently, although a number of sources say it is a "lifetime" ban, it is actually a "permanent" ban and will apply even after he dies.

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