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I never heard this version of the story. I have, however, heard the "Ted" version of the story (the one with the person in the audience - who, if I remember correctly, frequents one of the main TPIR fan forums,, quite a bit); reportedly, Ted was also involved in the two million dollar wins on the primetime specials (where the contestant would win one million dollars for being with $1000 of the showcase price). In the "Ted" version, they decided that, since yelling out prices is not a problem, the bid would stand.

Also, it was, in fact, the second time there had been an exact bid on a showcase. To show you how long ago the first one was, the price was $2200. Not $22,000, mind you, but $2200. This was back in the first or second season; it was even before they started giving away both showcases if you were close enough (when it started, you had to be within $99).
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