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Anyone know a list of the average working life for pro sports athletes. Maybe I'm just looking up the wrong terms.

I know of individual quotes for different sports, but assumed there might be an inclusive stat somewhere.

Found this


But don't see an answer there.

I'd assume American football is one of the shorter ones. I noticed today Serena Williams is 1 short of breaking Stephanie Graff win record. Golf seems like it would be a long career, and maybe it is with the senior tour -- but like Tiger Woods, injuries can take someone down. Seems like a horse jockey could race near forever, but maybe not.
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Average careers of 4 major sports

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Quote: Zcore13

Average careers of 4 major sports


I think it is a bit more complicated than that. For instance, if you only play 1-2 years in the NFL you might find a team in the Canadian League or Arena League to vie for you services. In MLB, if you are drafted out of HS, you might play 3-4 years in the Minors before ever making it to the show. Many NBA players who flop in the NBA, go overseas to Greece or Spain or Italy to play, same with hockey players who also have a minor league system, albeit not nearly as extensive as MLBs
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