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Quote: beachbumbabs

Not all government workers got today off.

If you or someone you loved flew in an airplane today, thank a controller. No airports were closed.

If you went to a national park today, thank a ranger. No parks were closed.

If you breathed free air and freely expressed your opinion here, thank a soldier/sailor/airman/marine/coastie/n-G-man. They've all been on high alert all weekend (all of the above) maintaining our freedom for a new generation.

Now to the beer and hotdogs.


No one has to apologize for taking their earned vacation time, - especially those working to provide service to the American public, and on the 4th of July.

Me, I dealt in a casino tonight, the 4th, having gone back to dealing. I also work Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New years Eve if scheduled. Me, I serve the gambling public on Holidays too. I salute Air Traffic controllers, the Military, VA Hospital workers, and the many government workers - and all - who work holidays, too, also providing [admittedly more] important services. ;)

Cannot begrudge anyone who earned their time off and pay, public or private.
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I rolled outta bed pretty late in the afternoon picked up some free play filled up gas in my car then ate some hot dogs. Government might not work today but I sure do. MURIKA
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Quote: djatc

I rolled outta bed pretty late in the afternoon picked up some free play filled up gas in my car then ate some hot dogs. Government might not work today but I sure do. MURIKA

The difference is you (hopefully) made money and the government wile not working, still cost us all money.

The story of life, you better keep working to make it, because they are always going to be there with their hand out to take it! Along with those who have learned the lesson well from them and also have their hands out everyday. While the 4th might have been a good day for them, the 1st is always their favorite day of the month.
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Quote: petroglyph

I have the hardest time communicating with you? IDK why.

I will try.... I wrote, "Let me see, do I have a choice" in response to your "do you get mad at Verizon for bloated phone charges". I thought it was obvious, that I had a choice to either not have a phone at all, or I could pick between carriers. The government, I have no choice, they make the rules and collect the vig.

I haven't looked at that, I would guess mostly western countries. Well, here's a link ", the link supports your statement. Obviously the more socialist a government is, the more tools of influence they have. Why not? It's good to be king.

Like I said before, give everyone a check. Go out and give every logger, street sweeper and farmer a check and tell them to enjoy the holiday, they should. They are paying for everything, but are probably to busy.

I guess you have a choice, but again depending where you live maybe not really. Just as with many utilities. I guess technically yes you can live without gas and electric and water, but lets be realistic...

And, yeah I would imagine so, Western countries are more evolved and generally have better workers rights, so I don't know how that would be a negative.

Though to be fair, in that link you post, America has no required employment leave, and most people would agree America is far less socialist compared to most other Western countries.

I don't get any paid holidays, and I work many (for no extra), but I don't feel slightly disdainful that other people do. Of all of the things to get angry about, this hardly seems like a valid criticism of America.
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