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$2.50 Hot Dog and Beer at Stage Door. Entertainment from other customer is free. Best deal in Vegas.
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Quote: Perdition

Top 10 Reliably Hearty Meals Under $10 On or Close to the Strip in Las Vegas, NV

5. Garden Buffet... South Point Hotel

I don't like south point buffet. Whenever the salad bar is bad that tends to leave a negative impression of the entire buffet to me since it's the first place I go. The salad bar isn't very good and THEY USE CANNED FRUIT. The only other place in Vegas that I recall having primarily canned fruit it silver sevens, which is probably my least favorite place to eat. Does anyone else think silver sevens smells like a mixture of stale smoke and vomit?
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We ate the breakfast buffet at Gold Coast when we stayed there on April 1st. It did not kill us. Given the effort put into the breakfast dishes, I would hesitate to return for lunch and wouldn't touch dinner.
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Quote: ncfatcat

How about Buldogi's Gourmet Hot Dogs on S. Ft Apache Rd? I'm a hot dog freak. I'll be there in a week and going to try it.

You should try Bachi Burger then too.
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The best meals I had in Vegas are

The Wok in MGM Grand (not 100% on the name). I had sashimi: best I ever had.

This Asian burger place in between flamingo and linq. I forgot what kind of burger I had, but it was very interesting. And the bun was good too. It was crusty on the edges, I think they deep fried the edges or something?

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