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Quote: MrV

casino stories


In all honesty, thank you, this looks like it will be fun to read. I really just did want to hear the old man's casino stories, I eat that stuff up.

Quote: Bohemian

beachbumbabs, you have a Private Message supplying you with said verification. I will not post same on a public board.

I'm kind of amused and interested to see what evidence that would be, because I'm just some degenerate who has been lurking this forum for a year and finally decided to make an account. I have no idea who the mad professor is, or why anyone has it out for him. Sorry if I came off snotty in attacking that forum.

I know I probably won't convince you but maybe in a few months you'll see a handful of boring gambling related posts out of me and realize I'm just another dude. :-)
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I note the reference to Dealer's Lounge... is there anyplace that has the old Dealer's Lounge Craps instructional and testing program?

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