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As a voracious reader of non-fiction, and a previous resident of Las Vegas, I snatched Oscar Goodman's autobiography Being Oscar off the new release shelf at the library last week. It's an easy read, in fact I read the whole thing while camping in the Olympics this weekend. If you ever wanted to hear his side of the "mob lawyer" stories, I recommend it.

He goes into detail of his defense of Tony Spilotro and other mob and drug cases, his rise to 3-term mayor when he had zero experience in City Hall, and he name-drops like crazy all the while. He believed the role of Mayor was to be the town spokesman, so he even made it a law that to shoot a film in town, he had to have a cameo. The first movie where this was a rule was Rush Hour 2, but they left his footage on the cutting room floor. He threw such a tantrum, that director Brett Ratner re-instated it for the DVD release. Goodman went on to have small roles in many episodes of CSI, Las Vegas movies like Casino, Ocean's 12 and others.

It's a fun read. Anyone else picked it up?
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