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Just got back from 3 days in Vegas. Saw all the normal behaviors but 2 events really stood out and I was wondering if this is becoming the norm or has it always been this way.
The first one: a guy hit $1800 on slots, while waitng for the cash he hit 18K on another machine, then won 3k on craps. The casino was all over this guy, free food, free room, the works. I played craps with him later and the booze flowed non stop. The dealers were pumping this guy up telling him he was on a roll and he needed to keep betting because these opportunities only happen once in life. One dealer locked on to him and keep praising him and saying they were a team, if he wins they win. The dealers were encouraging him to bet $100 on the hardways each. I finally told the guy to take his money and get the hell out of here. I left. That was the last I saw him.
The second guy was playing Blackjack. Drunk of his ass he thought he was playing poker not blackjack. He was really drunk. For some reason he would stay on 2 cards and others he would not. All the while calling the dealer and pit boss crazy. The booze kept flowing. The guy kept winning. He was on fire. He kept stacking the greens. I had to leave so I don't know what happen.
Both events were entertaining. I wish I knew how both ended. The dealers behavior were aweful. Are they taught to do this.
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I think the dealers' behave the way that the casino tells them to. Casinos are different. Dealers will not turn away tips at all and they in general will encourage the player to play stupid bets. How much they push for the tips depends I think on the casino.
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A couple months ago, I was playing BJ in Laughlin at a full table. Eventually everyone left the table except for me and someone's great-grandmother. A perfectly nice well-dressed old lady who was having a good time... until her Alzheimer's apparently kicked in and she lost all sense of where she was. The dealer slowed the game to a crawl, hoping that her "spell" would end... pretty much had to look at her cards and play her hand for her. It really was a pitiful thing to see. I played in super-slow-motion for a while too. But after about 10 minutes, I left.

I should have asked what the house policy is in situations like that. For when my time comes, you know. I give that dealer credit for making the best of an obviously bad situation.
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Sometimes dealers try to hustle winners for toke money on side, and it's against house policy.
I NEVER worry about, solicit, or hustle for tokes, as it all averages out in the end.

Players who know about tipping and wish to tip do so, but prompting players for $$ often causes them to stiff us, or worse, get a complaint lodged against a dealer, a serious offence.

Sorry to hear it. Do we know which casinos these events occurred at?
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Quote: likeplayingcrapsandbj

The first one: a guy hit $1800 on slots, while waitng for the cash he hit 18K on another machine, then won 3k on craps. The casino was all over this guy, free food, free room, the works.

Nothing unusual about that. Do whatever is necessary to keep the guy on-site. It cost the casino, what?, a couple hundred bucks? To get a chance at having him loose the $23K back? Even if he lost back only $5k, it's a good ROI.

On the other hand, the dealer's working him for tips is another story. I don't care how drunk I get. If I think you're working me for the tips, you ain't getting a dime.
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