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The casino opened before the hotel. Here are some pictures from Vital Vegas
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Quote: Boz

The casino opened before the hotel. Here are some pictures from Vital Vegas

Sigh, I miss Bills.
I miss sitting at the bar playing video poker and listening to Fat Elvis
The only 50 cent 1 dollar poker cash game on the strip, just a real friendly fun game that was right by their sports book.
I've stayed at Bills just for the poker.
Now no poker room, no sports book.
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I'm excited to see the place up close and personal. To be honest it looks like they did a great job. The only problem is it is owned by CET.....

Guess we can't have everything.
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Was there anything of interest gambling wise? I wanted to go, however I have been sick and feeling like crap with a "COLD?" since I last went out with Mission and others. PM if you wish.
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I walked through today. I think they did an ok job, with what they had to work with. I wasn't really impressed. It is an upgrade from Bill's I guess, but that whole "boutique" casino and hotel 'label' doesn't do all that much for me. Pay tables on VP that I saw were pretty lousy and typical 'Empire'.

The one thing that surprised me is how narrow the place is. I guess I had forgotten how narrow a spot that is.
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I miss the homeless people that camped out under the scaffolding during construction. Hopefully they will return now that the Cromwell is open. Do you think they will still 86' players who spread 1-2 betting quarters playing double deck BJ like they did when it was the Barbary Coast.
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I saw some lady getting cuffed and dragged out. I walked into the high limit area even though it was roped off. I figured I'd be cool enough to walk into a VIP room so I just hopped it.
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Looks like a nice enough place, and $5 craps is a vanishing game in that neighborhood.
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I hear they have $10 S17 blackjack. Can anyone confirm?
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