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I now have a new found appreciation for casinos. After this casino royale night I was in utter disbelief of how many idiots there are. I played black jack with two different dealers one was a banker who was slow as molasses took it way to serious and his math was horrible.. He messed up the payouts and counting money, saying "And I'm a banker" laughing. People were looking at me funny when I was hitting 15 and 16's. One lady couldn't make up her mind in 1 min if she should hit or stand 14 v dealer 10 showing. ITS FUNNY MONEY PEOPLE, who gives two shits.

There was an EV game there that I wish was really at a casino. It was a plinko game, with 1 3k spot, 2 zeros, 2 500, 2 400, and 2 800. But the 800 was impossible to get, because of the way they designed the game. 200 for three plinko things. I bought 400 worth and won 12,500 in funny money. But the dealer of this game had a killer personality, I wish real dealers were more like him, out going and fun.

Then they auctioned off the final ticket for the lootery, as mentioned in my other post, I have no idea how to link it. Some idiot lady ended up paying $900 for it and won 150. I got a good laugh.

Even though I didn't win any money, it was a good time. Hobnobbing with area's business and political figures well worth the money. Drinking and Gambling always a good time.

Even if it was funny money.

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