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November 11th, 2013 at 4:21:37 PM permalink
So it's a dick vs. a pussy, go figure.
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Quote: Alan

So it's a dick vs. a pussy, go figure.

Its - Possessive; It's - "It is" / "It has"; There - Location; Their - Possessive; They're - "They are"
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If you have never been in a locker room or with a group of men, then this situation could be awkward for you.

I played Division I college baseball, and the texts between Incognito and Martin are tame compared to what was said on our bus and in the locker room or dugout.

Watch an episode of the TV show, The League. This is how men communicate.

The ones who whine like *******, end up playing video games in their parents basements, calling fellow gamers the same terms they were called when with real humans, or they quit and run back to mommy's house in California and the warm comfort of her bosom, wishing they could crawl their 6'5'' 340lb body back up her *****.

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Statistics don't lie, they deceive.

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