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I know there are a few people on here that live near Pittsburgh so I figured I would ask this question here.

I was playing Mississippi stud the other day and a guy sat next to me and put his money ($400) and his players card on the table. The card looked funny. It was all silver with silver writing diagonal (I think). I was about to tell him that he has the wrong card out but the floor grabbed it and entered him with no problems. I was a but confused. I wanted to ask him what the card was but it wasn't really any of my business so I didn't ask. He was also offering everyone at the table to pay for their drinks when anyone ordered. Only the man sitting on the other side of him took him up on his offer. He was only betting $5 and $10 a hand with an occasional $25 bet so I didn't think much of him as a high roller. Unless of course he is a high roller at other games and he was just playing this one for some fun. The guy who took him up on the free drinks was playing $100 a hand so I thought that was kinda funny.

Oh sooo I guess my question is, does anyone have any idea what this card he gave them could have been. I know Cannery folks out of Vegas own the Meadows so I looked on their website thinking maybe it was a card from Vegas but I didn't see anything that matched on their website.
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