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Quote: Nareed

Had I been playing it all along, my bankroll would have been lost before hitting it.

There it is, folks.

My first trip to the casino was well after I had educated myself on gambling through here and my workplace. As a result, I played no side bets.

I can't remember if it was Lucky-Lucky or whatever, but it was the one with 150-1 payout for some card combination or another. And a guy at the table had been on me all night about playing it as I had missed a few other minor wins on it. When I hit and missed this one, he lost it (in a funny way, he wasn't a jerk).

I didn't care then, and I don't care now.

"It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet"
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I can't recall ever being told I couldn't bet $1 on the fortune bonus in PGP. I just don't get the envy bonus.
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Quote: Face

When I hit and missed this one, he lost it (in a funny way, he wasn't a jerk).

I've had that happen, too. usually it goes like this:

Stranger at the table "Wow! If you'd been playing the [sucker bet]..."

Me (interrupting): I'd have run out of money twenty hands ago.

I should try a smile and a coy shrug and saying "God provides bread to the toothless." But that seems like too regional a asaying to make sense.


"It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet"

Oh, the things good etiquette makes one leave unsaid!
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One of the best plays is to let others play your bonus bets on table games, particularly 1CP and UTH. It's great cover and sucker betters happen to be very generous people. I've been tipped up to half the prize of a straight flush on the pair plus.

Unfortunately, my most recent straight flush came while playing heads up. At least there was no one to ridicule me.
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I've hit three suited sevens about a dozen times at Foxwoods but never put up the dollar. It pays $5000 but at 50,000 plus hands a year, even I can do that math. Oddly enough, my wife played it a few times when the casino first opened and, you guessed it, she won. I had a heck of a time convincing her that it was a sucker bet after that. Back in the early days they did not withhold taxes and they cut her 10 purple from the tray with no paperwork. How times have changed.

Most of the blackjack tables at my home casinos have side bets and I routinely hit them, as you would expect, but will not play them. Again, the math is easy. When asked why I don't play I say I can't afford it. I'd love to point out the odds and tell everyone what sucker bets they are but better to play dumb and not put a damper on anyone's fun.
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