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PokerStars playing $30/$60 limit 2-7 Triple Draw, January 2011. Started when I followed a fish on a heater at $10/$20 and that turned into loss chasing and tilt, eventually me moving up to $30/$60, playing people I shouldn't have. 55 hours later I was down $4800 which was over half of my bankroll.

The happy ending to this story: By "Black Friday" three months later, I had recouped all the losses plus about $500 more.

At the actual casino, I am a big gambling nit because I know what can happen to me sometimes. This also makes me a pathetic casino gambler. The biggest poker games I have played in is 1/2/5 PLO/PLO8,1/2 NLHE, 5/10 Omaha8 w/kill, 4/8 mix games. Video poker: dollars for loss rebates. Usually playing nickels or quarters instead. Table games: $20 on one hand when I was counting double deck half assed in Tunica.
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my typical craps buy in is 1,000.
On a table where a shooter was throwing 10s, I finally bet $200 on the Buy 10. It hit and I pressed it to $500. It hit and I pressed it to $1,000. It hit, I collected $2,000 and then lost the $1,000 bet a couple of rolls later.

After one of my better rolls, I was up over 5k, and decided to bet $1080 across for 2 hits and then regress to $360. Tried it 3 times.
The first time it worked.
The second time I got paid once and then lost the 1080
The third time I went PSO.

So far, big bets have not really worked in my favor.
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