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Fortunately I've never had this problem. Most casinos put enough machines to not have a situation like this, but if it does, I'll honor the person's request. If I do a round and come back and it's still empty I might jump on and say hey they aren't coming back.
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wen you find a slot machine is taken your supose to leave it alone. THis is good manners.
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Quote: YesThereReal

wen you find a slot machine is taken your supose to leave it alone. THis is good manners.

Good manners? LOL. I'm not sure that makes the top ten list for most posters here.
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My biggest pet peeve is when SAPs get reserved and reserved indefinitely. Eventually they may be turned back on, but I have seen them turned off for 10 hours. It was definitely a solid point to quit going to that casino. The only thing it costs the casino is the trust of every other person who wants to play that progressive and can't and the casino gets small brownie points from one player.
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Quote: ahiromu

I just wanted to say that something I've been seeing lately, when you don't have someone there to say something, is to take your chair and tilt it so that its front edge is leaning against the machine... kind of with the back support hunched over said machine. I've seen this at both MLive & Atlantic City.

This is where the big boys could take a lesson from the WV parlors with a limit of FIVE machines!!!

There's a little rope with a laminated cardboard sign that says, "Machine in use," and you just put that over the screen if you have to go to the bathroom, or something.

I don't scout for advantage slots anymore, or really go the casino much at all, but if I did see a Quick Hits machine at an advantage with the chair tilt, I would respect that for about ten minutes, or indefinitely if there were credits on the machine. If someone wants to hold the machine while they use the restroom or get a beverage, fine, if they think they are going to reserve it while they hit the buffet, that's not happening if I am around.

Were I to not find anything else at +ER, I'd return in ten minutes, and if the situation were the same, the machine is mine.
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I don't have a story directly related to the OP, actually quite the opposite.

I tend to gamble with degenerates, which means I typically am waiting for them to finish losing their 3rd try off the credit card while I wait.

I sit at a slot that is either near where they are playing table games, or near a main walkway to scout the female talent.

While sitting at a slot, with millions of empty slots all around me, I get asked to move at least every third time.

They seem to feel that making me move will give them "luck," probably because they did it back in 1979 and won thirty bucks.

I will say "No, I'm playing this machine", and if they do not leave, throw a buck in the machine and not play it.

Have had the old ladies call the slot attendant on me more than once, and I am currently undefeated in my quest stay lazy.

At Rivers a few years back, I actually sent out a few $3 max bets on $1 WoF, and made $400 off my initial $20 investment. Man did that old lady get pissed because that was "her win" that I "stole" from her.

Win $400 on a slot - $380 net

Piss off an old lady who was attempting to piss me off -$free

Piss off an old lady who was attempting to piss me off while she is wearing a Steelers t-shirt - Priceless!
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