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I like how valet parking makes me feel. I like giving
the tip because I've worked for tips and I know how
it feels when somebody gives you money. I like that
when its 95 out the car comes to me, and when it 10
above zero. I love valet parking.
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Quote: EvenBob

I always use valet parking, why would I want to
walk from a parking lot.

I usually don't trust valets unless I have taken EVERYTHING valuable out of the car. Those whom like stealing seek these jobs out.
I do agree it is easier using them, but sometimes I keep things in my car I might want when not staying in the hotel.
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I've never been in a parking garage where it didn't seem much faster to take the stairs. Therefore at casinos I try to park on the level where the walkway is, barring that minimize my distance to a stairway.
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Quote: rxwine

Its wing could hit this tiny thing

Excellent video!
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Any time my vehicle doesn't get hit, scratched, or dinged in a parking lot, I figure I got the winning spot.
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I always try to remember chaos theory when missing a good roll on dice. Once I just bet the six and eight and took down what hit. If both hit I have no action until the next shooter. Then this guy shoots for another 40 mins. Tough to watch, but just remember, would he still have had a great roll if I kept my action up?

This always occurs to me when I'm parking also.

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