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Sorry 1/4
Apologise 1/4
Confess evens
Conspiracy 1/2
Innocent evens
David Walsh 2/1
Paul Kimmage 2/1
Sunday Times 4/1
British Press/media 4/1
Witch hunt 2/1
Integrity 6/4
Never tested positive Evens
Livestrong 1/4
Team Sky 8/1
Bradley Wiggins 4/1
Sir David Brailsford 8/1
WADA 6/4
Tour de France 1/8
Floyd Landis 4/1
Tyler Hamilton 6/4
George Hincapie 4/1
Johan Bruyneel 4/1
Dr. Michele Ferrari 5/6
EPO 6/4

I am a fanatic bicycle rider. I am a bicycle commuter. I follow the Toure De France closely every year. I personally think Lance Armstrong is a total fraud. He uses people. He personally attacked and ruined many honest peoples lives, why, because they wanted to be honest about all the doping on the Tour. Lance's position on the tour while he was riding was that if you were against doping and tried to expose it, you were hurting the tour and he will ruin you due his power on the tour. The reality is anyone exposing all the cheating and doping is helping the tour and the sport. I ride and I would never dope. I support those that want a clean tour, unlike Lance, who hated anyone who wanted a clean tour and everybody on the tour knew it.
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Quote: terapined

I personally think Lance Armstrong is a total fraud.

It kills me that he sued a Brit newspaper for defamation, and is now being sued to get the money back. Millions.
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Quote: terapined

I support those that want a clean tour,

There's just one way to keep any athletic competition 100% clean: don't allow anyone to compete in it.
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Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat !
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