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Quote: JohnnyQ

I am dissappointed that the DEMS haven't made
this point more clearly.

LOL! They can't! The CBO says its already going to
cost THREE TIMES more than they said it would cost
in 2009. And it hasn't even started yet. They dare
not open that can of worms. Even if it got implemented,
so many states would opt out of it because they can't
afford it, that it would be huge mess.
"It's not enough to succeed, your friends must fail." Gore Vidal
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October 19th, 2012 at 4:16:39 AM permalink
CNN Talking Points...Defending Candy Crowley

"CNN has sent out talking points to its staff, directing them to say that Candy Crowley was merely 'stating a point of fact' about the Libya 'terror' row and insisting that Barack Obama only got more time than Mitt Romney because he speaks slowly."

Read more:

Nothing like doubling down on the failure of the moderator to remain objective and keep herself out of the way. Even if she was RIGHT (which has been determined to be a big stretch at best) did she call either one of them out at any other point? NO. IT WASN'T HER JOB TO SORT OUT THE FACTS AND FICTION. The idea is let the candidates say what they say and then the fact checkers can go to town. Her job was just to keep things moving along.

More time because he speaks slowly? That's just a big old pile of crap. He may have gotten more time without her meaning for it to be that way, he may have taken more time when presented with it to respond, but he most certainly was not given more time because he talks more slowly.

If this doesn't show that CNN is staffed by a bunch of chuckleheads, I don't know what will convince anyone of that fact.

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