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I'm not even sure that I understand the game that he was playing, Punto Blanco, but if the player never touches the cards how can Crockfords refuse to pay what he won? A conspiracy for a player who doesn't even touch the cards would have to involve several very closed mouth people.

My question is multi facetted: What is the game and how is it played. How can money be witheld from a winner especially a well know one and finally who is Crockfords and what is their reputation and standing in the gambling business.


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Yes, it looks like this situation.
1. It was standard Baccarat, basically.
2. He didn't cheat, he was clean. He bet HUGE and WON HUGE, and now CrockPot doesn't want to pay.
3. Their standing should be sh]t now. And I say this as a very pro "casino cop" type of board member. Pay the good man: you took his action, and then cried. This is B.S.
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This has already been discussed in Phil Ivey "wins" 7.5 million pounds at Genting-owned Crockfords. Please say what you have to say there, and don't post after this one.
It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.

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