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What percentage of your gambling action do you give to the casino/hotel that you are staying at while in Vegas?

While I love to wander around and visit all of the other properties on the Strip, I find that I concentrate the vast majority of my action at the casino that I am staying at. I will give some action to the other "family" members, like other MGM resort properties if I am staying at the Mandalay Bay. I guess I am the perfect type of player to give a free room to, as I tend to stay in place for the duration of my trip.
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Quote: Juyemura

What percentage of your gambling action do you give to the casino/hotel that you are staying at while in Vegas?

It really depends on where I'm staying. Usually (well, nearly always) I stay at a CET property, since the room is free. However, I'm lucky if I give them 10% of my action, since most of their games are terrible. I give them PLENTY of action outside of Vegas, and while I notice my room offers to Vegas aren't as good anymore, I still get the free rooms.

Outside of Vegas, if I'm staying somewhere, I'm playing there. The exception would be Tunica, where I'd try to stay at CET properties, but play Video Poker at Roadhouse and everything else at Horseshoe. They are both CET properties, but the VP at Roadhouse is infinitely better than at Horseshoe, and everything else is better at Horseshoe.
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Regardless of how you spend your time most of your action will be at whatever hotel you are staying at. Whether it's some action after breakfast or finishing up the night at your host hotel, you will certainly patronize them plenty. Once you stay at their property and given them some action, you will get plenty of offers in the future. But don't let your loyalty hinder your enjoyment. Make it a point each day to visit other hotels/casinos. Go downtown one evening and hit 6 or 7 places. Get in your rental and see the Orleans, or eat a breakfast buffet in the Suncoast or South Point. Walk the strip and game a little in each place, especially the small ones like Bills or off strip Ellis Island. Don't feel guilty. If you only stay in M-Life hotels you won't get a true feel of what Las Vegas is about.

I stay at Caesar's props and game there in the morning and evening, but during the day I can hit 10 other casinos and yet they still give me all I need as far as rooms and upgrades.
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