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I'm new here as many of you may have noticed and have seen multiple places where The Wizard endorses Bovada. I am a resident of West Virginia. Would it be legal for me to make bets on Bovada? Does anyone know?
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It straddles the law and is not clearly legal anywhere.
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Online gambling is criminal.

Don't do it.
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Quote: MrV

Online gambling is criminal.

Q: What is the number of Americans prosecuted for online gambling?
A: Zero.
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Some states might have laws against online gambling, but even there prosecution against players is rare. I know of only two cases a player ran afoul of state laws. The first was Jeffrey Trauman of North Dakota, who in 2003 paid a $500 fine on what was probably over $100,000 in sports bet winnings. (Gambling & the Law) The other was Roland Benavides, a police officer in Oklahoma who was charged in 2011 with gambling. In Oklahoma, just about any kind of gambling is illegal, and Benavides' gambling just happened to be online. (Norman Transcript) So far as I know, the states with specific anti-online-gamling laws are Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington.

My source : by Michael Bluejay, Last Updated: July 2012
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Quote: mwalz9

I'm new here as many of you may have noticed and have seen multiple places where The Wizard endorses Bovada. I am a resident of West Virginia. Would it be legal for me to make bets on Bovada? Does anyone know?

Shoot me a PM, where in WV? I live in Ohio but near WV.

I'm going to say that not only does The Wiz endorse Bovada, but he will offer you his support in the event that you ever have a lefitimate dispute with Bovada. Bovada is also an extremely convenient source for on-line gambling because it offers the Sports Books, Poker, and Casino all in one convenient site. I have not gambled at any on-line casions, but I have read the Terms & Conditions of many, and Bovada is the only one I have ever seen through which the player has the opportunity to be paid (courier check) at no additional cost. Bovada also offers many games, the HE of which, is lower than what you would get in an American land casino, including single-zero Roulette.

If you're going to gamble on-line, then you should do it with the only Internet casino both endorsed by the Wizard and with support from the Wizard.

That casino is Bovada.

Raise Your Game.

(P.S. They still have the FreePlay wheel at Scioto guaranteeing at least $25 if you are a new In-Club member. Shoot me a PM, we could split gas to Columbus and have a great time if you are reasonably close to me!)
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Mission, I too am a WV resident. I had an account on Bodog, but have not used it since Black Friday. I did rather well, for a couple of years, but have not played any since they changed to Bovada. It was just the whole Black Friday thing and I had funds on Full Tilt, which are still there. I thought they (Bodog) were the best of the casinos that I played online, and I doubt if that has changed much. Bodog used to have creative ways of sending me monies, and I always got paid, although there were some slow periods. (Specifically after the U.S. Gov. confiscated some of their accounts) Just the fact that after all that, they honored their obligations made me a true believer. As far as making legal bets from WV, I'm afraid you cannot do so. That said, I know of no one who has been prosecuted or threatened with prosecution for doing so. It is a good idea to declare and pay tax on your winnings. If you do that you will likely not ever face any drastic fines or penalties down the road. Good Luck to you and Let's Go.........Mountaineers!
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Are you concerned about the legality of placing the bets or the legality of transferring funds online?

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