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I was playing craps at Binoin's back when they offerd 100x odds...playing 5 up front and 50x to 100x odds...I mistakenly rainbowed in a purple to my odds bet but behold it was a front line winner...Binoin's color scheme was very dark at the time and lighting was a bit low and even the dealers didnt see the mixed action....i was hapy the bet won but it was a bit of a wake up call to make sure my chips were segregated in a manor that the same mistake would not occur again. Any one have a similar action mistake positive or negitive?
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Well, there was a famous jerk who said Fifteen Odds on my X, which received a Dealer response of Fifty Odds on your X, then X rolled and the dealer was setting it up when Jerk loudly announced to the entire table "Boy, you gotta watch these thieving dealers, I said Fifteen, not Fifty."
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It wasn't me, but I was in a poker tournament at ShowBoat where we were advised about the problem with the similar colors.

The blinds had just raised to $200/$400 when a guy threw in a $5,000 instead of $500 plus a $100, and merely said "Six". After some confusion and argument, the floor forced him to make it $6,000. He lost the hand. Had he put in the right chips, or said "Six hundred", it might have been a $400 call or raise to $800. Certainly not $6,000.
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