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A guy who lives in Ohio was cleaning out his deceased aunt's attic when he came across 700 baseball cards. These cards were made in 1910. Amongst the set of cards were Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, Cy Young and Honus Wagner. They estimate the entire collection at $3,000,000. That ain't bad.
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He didn't even get 1/5 of that. He made like $530k at auction...
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Still, $530K - that is a great haul for a fortuitous find, just cleaning up the attic. All I found was asbestos.
Few pots of gold drop into our laps like a gift from heaven.
We may look for it by gambling, lottery, etc. There is even a show where people form professional teams to bid on abandoned storage rooms and facilities, looking for exactly such finds.
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Quote: Beardgoat

He didn't even get 1/5 of that. He made like $530k at auction...

They didn't offer the entire 700 card collection at one time for fear of totally killing the market. The initial $530k included some of the best pieces though (a grade "10" Honus Wagner that, by itself, went for $239k). The find was divided among 20 cousins, and not all of them are selling their share of the cards. The others will be offered at auction over the next several years. When the dust settles, it should bring near the $3 million estimate.
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