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I voted "only about the math" but I don't like the option. There is obviously more to a casino experience than just the math. I would be in 100% agreement if the selection was "gambling outcomes are only about the math." Unless, of course, your desired outcome is something like getting drunk or laid or both instead of winning your bets.
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Energy? Superstitions?

It's all in my signature line. Particularly the second part.
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I definitely believe in positive energy. As for negative... not so sure. Probably.
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TV sitcom scripts, conversations with bartenders and social events with friends are not places for scientific rigor. In a casino, be of good cheer!

Does it help? Well, it sure won't hurt.
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It does seem that after a few winning series and as the smiles and anticipation grow--- it is a good time to get in.
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Quote: Nareed

Now, if Dark Energy does exist and permeates the universe, then there's also "negative" energy in any casino. if not, then we need a better theory.

So that's what that "dark side" betting in Craps is all about. Also Black in Roulette (or Trente et Quarante, if you can find it).
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Maybe there is 'energy' but until it's a quantifiable energy, it's not useful. You can't disprove something as ill defined as positive or negative energy so I picked the middle answer.
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Quote: heather

So that's what that "dark side" betting in Craps is all about. Also Black in Roulette (or Trente et Quarante, if you can find it).

Unfortunately it only works on dark matter spherical dice in a vaccum :(
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Quote: s2dbaker

Maybe there is 'energy' but until it's a quantifiable energy, it's not useful. You can't disprove something as ill defined as positive or negative energy so I picked the middle answer.

Change the question slightly and see what you think: is there positive and negative speed in the casino?
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Negative energy in my opinion definitely exists in gambling. It seems weird that most of the time when I am on a Craps table...I start looking for "signs of the 7 about to come" ..too many to list...that I start to panick; I call "OFF" my bets and usually the next roll is a "7". So I save money but the flip side is a lot of times...I am way too negative in my emotions on the Craps table and I believe I start to "affect" the table. People have complained numerous times in way too many different Casinos that I am always calling my bets "OFF" and hopping 7's when I am playing Craps especially as the shooter that they believe that I am trying to "7-out intentionally" and may also be affecting other shooter's concentration because of the numerous "Hop 7's" by myself that preceed 7-outs.

LONG post below on my last two days playing Craps and negative energy:

On Wednesday playing Craps, almost every single decision I made went wrong:

A) Play the Pass Line...7's are killing my bets day.
B) Play the Don't Pass Line....Points are hitting all day.
C) Play come bets with Odds, Come out 7's on the comeout roll are raining and killing all my established Come Bets all day. (This is a continuous issue for me)
D) Place Numbers...7's are killing me all day.

This is a common recurrence in almost all my Craps Sessions.

I ended up down $1,800 after playing for about 12 hours on $5/$10 minimum tables betting conservatively...my goal was to only buy in for $500 but I kept on chasing my losses and withdrawing and losing money. I made a little comeback later that night when I finally had 2 great rolls but was still down overall significantly for the day.

On Thursday, I was so paranoid about Wednesday's horror show that I let it affect my Craps play and missed out on the greatest money making opportunity in my life.

After 4 players consecutively 7'ed out to start the session..I was ready to give up playing permanently.

Then two players had Monster 45 minute Rolls BACK-TO-BACK. Both Players hit 6 Points each and one hit a 4 Point Fire Bet. I have been playing Craps for 12 years and that was the best consecutive run by Craps players that I have ever seen. The first player was hitting HardWays like they were going out of style. The second player hit 6's & 8's so many times that 2 players who started with $12 6's & 8's both had over $1,000 on both numbers and passive, silly me only built the 6's up to $42 and kept on regressing back to $6 when I saw "the signs of 7 coming" because I was becoming excessively paranoid and "knew" if I went past $42....the 7 will show. Lo and behold, I finally got the courage to push the "8" to $60...the very next roll was a SEVEN!

The whole table made a KILLING. Most players except me made between $1,000 - $3,000 on a $5 minimum table. A lady on the table literally bought in for $10 and left with $800. I only made about a profit of $700 during both rolls because I was so freaking paranoid about "7's coming" after I saw Dice kept on flying off the table...consecutive horns hitting, dealers switching, dealers passing the dice to the Craps players with 7's showing. All the bullcrap that usually preceeds 7's when I play was not working against these guys.

So I'm the negative dude mad that I didn't take advantage of the Monster Rolls and make more $$$. After both shooters 7'ed out, I was considering taking a lunch break but I decided to wait for one more shooter.

The next 5 shooters including yours truly 7'ed out within 2 rolls of establishing the Point so I figured the table had turned COLD, it was understandable because after Monster Rolls, my experience is that most Craps tables go COLD. Upset that I had not taken a break and let 5 shooters including myself depreciate my bankroll, I took a 30 minute lunch break. I came back from my lunch break and the shooter that had the dice before I decided to leave still had it and the guy next to me who was only betting $5 Pass Line 2x Odds, $6 6&8 on each shooter to start told me he made $1,100 while I was gone on my 30 minute lunch break. The shooter had made 6 Points (4 Firebet Points) in the 30 minutes that I was gone and was hitting 4's and 10's like they were going out of style. Everybody's racks were FULL!!! I was so upset that I was missing out on a 3rd HOT roll..I started hyperventilating and being negative...the very next roll was a SEVEN. OF COURSE!!! I show up...being negative and the hot run ends.

The rest of the day, the tables were COLD. Then a guy who was challenging me for my "Point Seven Out King" (PSO KING) title got the dice. I was not going to bet on him because he was so freaking useless all day but I still put $2 on the Firebet and waited a few rolls before I bet on him. He threw 3 consecutive 7's on the Comeout Roll and I commented "That's all he is good for, throwing 7's", Well, this guy hits NINE Points consecutively (4 Points Firebet making) and held the dice for almost an hour; I am on the table and even though I have decent money to play with...I am still betting PASSIVELY like a freaking Moron. The Casino has 100x Odds and I am betting $10 Pass Line, $20 - $30 Odds because I am SCARED that once I start betting more, he'll 7-out because that's what happens to me most of the time when I play. So on his last attempt, I push my odds to $60 and start praying...the very next roll....SEVEN! Ths shooter made over $3,000 on his roll, he started betting $10 Pass Line, minimal Odds but was pushing his Odds after each point made. He had over $600 in Odds when he finally 7'ed out.

Overall for the day...I "only" made about $1,000 for the day but after 3 GREAT Rolls not even counting the 30 Minute Great Roll that I missed during my stupid decision to take a lunch break at the worst time I should have made no less than $5,000 but my negativity did not allow myself to just play the freaking game and make money!!!

For my 2 day trip, I "only" lost about $300 however after being down $1,800...I should not complain but I should have made THOUSANDS if not for my negativity!!!

Additional Note:

I met a Craps player yesterday who was more negative than me. He was on the same scorching hot table that I was on but he was losing money before the last shooter hit the 9 points in a row. He was convinced that whatever decision he made would be wrong. I stood right next to him and he told me that he had made 15 consecutive bets without getting a single payout. (Place Bet, Come Bet, Pass Line, Dont Pass Line, etc) It was unbelievable! In an ironic twist, I decided to not stand next to him and find a new spot on the table because he was being too negative and started affecting my betting decisions. Talk about the Pot calling the Kettle Black!
Craps is the most "Jekyll and Hyde" casino game ever invented!

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