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Quote: reno

My complaint about Democrats: When George W. Bush was in office, liberals complained that the Patriot Act was evil, and the Iraq War was illegal. But Obama signed an extension to the Patriot Act in May 2011, and hardly any liberals made a fuss

Don't kid yourself, they had fricking cows in private. The last
2 seasons of Boston Legal were on in 2007 and 08. It was an
extremely Lib show and they took every opportunity to bash
Bush and the Patriot Act and Iraq. They frequently mentioned
Obama in 08 and how the world would be all rainbows and
lollipops when he took office. Obama has fulfilled NONE of the
promises he made in 08 the Libs hate his guts for it.
"It's not enough to succeed, your friends must fail." Gore Vidal
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Quote: vert1276

Republicans are just saying LOCAL decisions that affect peoples life's are usually better than FEDERAL decisions.....Would you rather have or county or city making decisions about how local schools spend money and what they teach

Local control of education is probably not a good example for conservatives to bring up: Bush and the Congressional Republicans passed No Child Left Behind which was specifically written to allow the federal government to interfere with local school districts. That's not the only example of federal overreach that conservatives ought to be embarrassed about: Bush and the Congressional Republicans got the federal government involved in Terry Shiavo's case. And during the 2000 campaign Bush pretended that medical marijuana was a states' rights issue but once he took office, the Bush justice department raided over 200 California dispensaries. I could go on with other examples but you get the idea: Republican politicians in Washington love interfering in local politics even as they lecture us about states' rights.

Quote: vert1276

I can see you are kind obsessed with the death penalty

Yes, and there are 2 reasons for this.

1) Abolition of the death penalty ought to be a conservative cause, based upon conservative rhetoric. Republicans hate expensive government programs that waste taxpayer dollars. But California Republicans (Gov Pete Wilson & Gov Arnold Shwarzenegger) don't mind spending $300 million for each execution. The numbers are better in, say, Maryland, but the cost is still $37 million per execution. I'll give Texas credit: they have streamlined the assembly line to keep costs to a low $2.3million per execution. Good job Texas! But that's 3 times more expensive than life in jail. Why not cut taxes and sentence the death row inmates to life in jail? Conservative fans of the death penalty are embracing a taxpayer subsidized welfare program for wealthy defense lawyers.

2) Republican candidate Rick Perry has been accused of executing an innocent man. That is a very serious allegation that ought to be easily rebutted immediately by his allies in the conservative media. But what have we heard from Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Michele Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, George Will, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, etc? Silence. The conservative pundits don't like talking about this case because there are no eye-witnesses or scientific evidence supporting the conviction. The prosecution alleges that Cameron Todd Willingham doused his daughters' bedroom with lighter fluid and set the house on fire. Forensic scientists have been unable to find trace residue of lighter fluid inside the house. (There was lighter fluid residue on the front porch, next to the barbeque grill, but the fire started in the bedroom at the back of the house.) The prosecution's star witness is a cocaine addict who recanted his testimony and then recanted his recantation.

Quote: vert1276

It was not the state or the federal goverment that put those people on death row.....it was 12 of their peers...

Yes, and at least one juror in the Willingham case admits she doesn't sleep well at night anymore.

The Willingham case proves everything the conservatives have been saying for years: occasionally government makes mistakes. Life sentences can be overturned. Executions can't.

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