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Where do US get its money? Where does money come from?

When the federal government needs money, it (1)tax,(2),issue bonds (3) others... tariffs, fees etc...

Here is the scam. 1 Create a quasi private/government organization that has the protection of the government but without the restrictions of any government agency. They have their books hidden. Letís call this something that sounds like a government agency (Federal Reserve). Can't call it what it really is, a private banks that screws all Americans out of their wealth.

2. Let the Federal Reserve create fiat money; money out of thin air.

3. Let the government borrow money from the Federal Reserve and charge them interest on money they created out of thin air. The government gives them the T bills and they give them money. This money is released via the Federal Reserve banks. All current US money is this fake money, fiat money. It is backed by nothing. Look on all bills and you will see the word Federal Reserve Note. Translation, banks print US money, not the US government. Why is USA allowing a private bank to create money used by all Americans and paying interest on this money?

4. Let all Americans be on the hook for this debt but hide how their wealth is stolen. Federal income tax has not been ratified as a constitutional amendments so it is illegal. Legality has never been an issue with crooks. So these crooked bankers steal money and use the Federal government as their bill collectors via taxes, and second use step 2 to create money out of thin air causing inflation. Your money is worth less and will become worthless.

Check out the link.
Edward Snowden is not the criminal, the government is for violating the constitution!

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