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I took my adult daughter to the Colorado Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. She is schitzo-effective ( hears voices)
She is currently on Geodon and hoping to return to the work force. I sat outside the Orientation room while she , another female, and 4 males watched a video. All appeared to be in mid 20's to 30's. When my daughter came out she was smiling. She had an appointment for a counselor in 2 weeks. On the way to the car, she explained the other girl seemed unable to sit still until the video was over. She then asked nervously if drug addiction was a disability. When the counselor said " Definetly", 3 of the males then said " PHEW " or gave some other sigh of relief. The 4th male had nodded off. I will admit I laughed.
But upon reflection I should not have !!
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