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Here's one that doesn't seem worth it to me. But afterall it's the Venetian, not the Riviera. This may be worth it for people with more expensive taste than I.

New members who earn 500 points on their first trip receive $10 slot credit. (I'm not sure what constitutes a "trip".) New members who earn 1,000 points receive $20 slot credit. Earn 2,000 points and receive a $30 food comp. Earn 3,000 points and receive $50 slot credit. At 5,000 points you earn $100 slot credit. Players can choose one prize at each level achieved. The slot club also awards $30 slot credit for 5,000 points.

According to The best VP game at the Venetian is 9/5 JOB. With optimal play the player's expected loss is $1.55 for every $100 coin-in. For the Grazie (new members) level the slot club awards 10 points for $1 of theoretical loss on video poker.

With optimal play on the machine listed above the new member's expected loss will be approximately $516.00. If I understand the promo correctly, the new member will receive $210.00 in slot credit as well as a $30 food comp for this amount of play.
100% risk of ruin

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