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Is it possible to get removed from T.I.'s trespassing list??? after a domestic incident
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You can call and ask to speak with head of security or some security in general and explain the situation. Sometimes they'll remove you from the list, sometimes they won't. Depends on how long it's been, how 'bad' the incident was, and their policy in general.
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I don't have a lot of direct knowledge but I think requests to be removed from the list are seldom granted. I've heard a few stories of people who tried. As I recall, from a long time ago, they never got a "no," but just a run around without a formal decision ever knowingly being made.
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Quote: 456blue

Is it possible to get removed from T.I.'s trespassing list??? after a domestic incident

I thought you meant T.I the rapper for literally a few seconds(I thought, "Isn't T.I the rapper a has been rapper? Why is he having people trespassed when he is irrelevant now(He was popular 10 years ago and even more ironic according to Google, he has been arrested himself really recently like yesterday)) and then I realized you meant Treasure Island. ;) D'oh! Duh! ;) Just explain that you were maybe drunk, young(er)and disorderly when you had the the domestic incident and now you are sober, older, wiser and demure now. They just might remove you from the trespass list. ;)
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I think if you're booted for something related to gaming and you go back in to gamble, you will be escorted out once they figure out who you are.

On the other hand if you're booted for something minor, completely unrelated to gaming and you go in to gamble, I doubt anyone is going to bother you. "This is one of the hallmarks of Vegas hospitality. The only bedrock rule is Donít Burn the Locals. Beyond that, nobody cares. They would rather not know. If Charlie Manson checked into the Sahara tomorrow morning, nobody would hassle him as long as he tipped big."

As well, it's not like your picture is plastered all over their walls with "Look for this guy" especially if the incident happened long ago. You'd have to somehow come into their sights again for them to even know you are there. I don't think it is such a good idea to even bring it up again by asking, the incident report is probably long buried.
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