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This thread is to be used to discuss entertainment available at Palace Station.
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Some wind was rolling in, as I was playing craps in the Palace Station casino on Sunday morning, January 30, 2011. Everyone was surprised when the power surged, causing the lights to flicker, then the whole floor went TOTALLY black for a full minute. Emergency lighting didn't even come on. The only light was coming from the glass doors at each end of the floor. It was strangely quiet standing in the dark with my hands on my chips. The only sound was the pit boss reminding his dealers to watch their chips.

I was expecting someone to grab a stack from a table and make a run for it, but no one did.

The lights flickered back on then went out again a few minutes later. This time, some of the displays stayed on, so I expect they had battery back-up, or only part of the grid overloaded.

Crazy. The machines all cycled back up in a few minutes, but the computers backing up the ticket in/out cash machines took several minutes to spool back up.
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I was in Cable Beach, Bahamas a few years ago, staying at the Crystal Palace casino. A storm blew in and knocked out power to most of the island around 3:00 AM. Power was still out when we left the room about 7:00 AM. Only some of the lights would work in the room, and no TV. One elevator was working. When you finally got to the main floor, 1/2 of the slots area was operational. The rest of the casino was dark. It was quite the experience. As precious as the generator power was, they needed to power up 1/2 the slot machines. It was like that for 24 hours before power was restored. They did run a few table games for a few hours when there was enough daylight in the casino to see
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