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Quote: wroberson

Expect a long line or wait at the pawn shop.


Don't bother with the pawn shop. The only
time the owner and son and Chum are there
is when they film and when that happens the
public is not allowed inside. They sometimes
show up to sign autographs for money, but not
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All the downtown hotels have old and cramped bathrooms because that is how they built hotels back in those days.

For the elderly you can't beat places like Sams Town or a large room such as South Point... but of course they are no where near downtown.

That pawn shop is there but the line is long and its in the hot sun so go to an air conditioned casino instead.
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Just checked out the Palace station
Place is popular
A line to get into a restaurant
Surprised how popular baccarat tables were
They even had that stadium Baccarat
2 dealers with video cameras on them displaying the cards they are dealing on a large video display for all to see
About 1/3 of the seats filled
Of course several dutifully marking results on paper looking for trends
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