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If there is one thing I can't stand it is when a casino doesn't honor an expired sports or slot ticket. That said, I also believe in giving proper praise when a book does honor an expired ticket. In this case the bet was made at the Palms, but big decisions come from the South Point, including whether to honor the ticket in question.

Anyway, below is an Email I received from somebody I was advising on cashing expired tickets, copied and pasted with his permission.



I'm informing you of the status of those expired but winning sports book tickets. Initially, I sent them registered mail to the Palms. I wrote a letter explaining that I had done some research and discovered the article about your experience at the stratosphere. I explained that I had contacted you and that you had told me there was a pretty good chance they would honor the tickets. I enclosed a copy of the article from the Las Vegas Sun about your experience with the stratosphere. Fingers crossed I sent it off... and shortly after got a letter back from the Palms. Hopeful, I opened it only to learn that it was the Palms telling me that it actually was the South Point running the Palms sports book at the time and that I would have to send it to them. After making some revisions to the letter I repeated the process. A few weeks later I received a thin envelope in the mail from the South Point. I was concerned it was just a single sheet of paper explaining to me why they wouldn't cash the tickets but upon opening it, found I was only half right. It was just a single sheet of paper but in the form of a check for the full amount! Wanted to let you know the news and share some renewed confidence in the sports books. Thank you for your help and willingness to offer your advice.


William Schnell

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Kudos to South Point for making good. I will certainly give them my business in the future.
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Bravo South Point
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Kudos to South Point! Now if only other states just follow my home state, Missouri, which forbids expiration dates on payout tickets.

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