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From the last Scoblete newsletter:
Skinny took the dice. It might have been a point-seven but I was somewhat too groggy to remember what exactly happened during his roll. Then I got the dice.

The floor person pointed his finger at me. "How are you doing Frank?" Oh, nuts, I thought, here comes the hassling.

"Okay," I said.

"These guys your Golden Touch team?" he asked, nodding at Stickman and Skinny.

"My friends," I said.

"Well, we welcome you to play at Atlantic City痴 Harrah痴. Guys, win all the money you can, Harrah痴 has plenty of money. Have fun!"

I was stunned; totally, completely, amazingly stunned. Maybe that痴 why I point-sevened-out. When Stickman sevened out, another quick one, we all personally said goodbye not just to the dealers but to this floor person as well.

"Come back to Atlantic City痴 Harrah痴 anytime Frank," he said. You know, I just might do that; seems like a great place to play.

Gotta put the positives out there with the negatives. I have many more good things than bad to say about the Harrah's corporation.
"Dice, verily, are armed with goads and driving-hooks, deceiving and tormenting, causing grievous woe." -Rig Veda 10.34.4
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Quote: AZDuffman

If you know what you want to set you shoud be looking at the dice as the stickman sends them to you and mentally deciding how to move them.

Too often, the dice roll while the stickman is moving them. Often, the stickman will deliberately give one or both a little flip when they get to their destination - and not just if they happened to roll to a 7 or the point.
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On stick, I never do. Push the dice out as is. It seems the more I want a player to win in my heart, the worse his session is.
I don't buy into any sort of jinx actions, refuse to let the flow of the dice perturb me. The only thing I do is bring out the dice with no natural number showing, as a courtesy to the player. Don't side players LIKE the dealer pushing out a 7, and saying - "Seven-out, pay the don't!" Dark side players like playing alone, or with other don't bettors, because they catch a lot of nasty looks and comments from most "right-side" players. Crap players are too superstitious - along with some boxmen.
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

Too often, the dice roll while the stickman is moving them. Often, the stickman will deliberately give one or both a little flip when they get to their destination - and not just if they happened to roll to a 7 or the point.

Actually they mentioned early and often to NEVER push the dice out on a 2,3,7, or 12. In an early check-out the floorman let me have it for doing that. I had so much on my mind I didn't notice I did it. The training was partly military "tear you down to build you up" I suppose.
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Quote: Fleaswatter

Try this the next time you play dice. Place $1 bet for the dealers next to your $10 passline bet. If you win and press your passline bet to $20, place another $1 next to your bet. If you win again and press your passline bet to $40, put $2 next to your bet (for the dealers).

I would bet my next paycheck that the dealers and pit boss would not say one word about your dice setting and hitting the back wall (unless your rolls were so short that they did not come anywhere near the back wall).

I had the dealers on the line for $1 I also had them on the Placed on the 6 & 8 for a $1 My tosses were good I don't know maybe the guy is truly just an asshole or maybe he was having a bad day.
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I must say that I set the dice all the time and never had a problem at Paris. The pit boss was an ass lacking some very basic customer service skills in my opinion. Dice setting's just a ploy anyway. As long as the table's hitting the throws/hour quota, who cares?
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