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April 8th, 2014 at 4:56:19 PM permalink
Saw this in a marketing e-mail that the PALMS sent out, thought it was an interesting idea to set the tone of being a fun/cool place to be:

"Even our lobby is full of surprises! Introducing our brand new, Beverage Butler, pouring up your favorite classic vodka, rum and whiskey-based cocktails for just $5 each during peak check-in times.. This special Butler will also be tracking your wait time to the counter. If you stand in line for longer than five minutes, your drink is on us! It's a rare occasion that we have a line longer than five minutes, but this is our promise to you.

The Beverage Butler check-in cocktail service is offered Sunday through Thursday from 4pm to 7pm, and Friday through Saturday from 4pm to 8pm. Get in line, and have a drink. You’re in Las Vegas, after all."
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CZR properties in Vegas would have to change the time limit to 90 minutes in line to avoid giving them all out for free.
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April 11th, 2014 at 5:02:58 PM permalink
Where's the WOV review of the Palm?
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Quote: UTHfan

Where's the WOV review of the Palm?

Wizard plans to do one of The Palms himself as time permits. I will be doing an updated review of The D as well as reviews of Cannery and Downtown Grand here in the next two weeks. I leave day after tomorrow.
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It feels like Palms is trying to change its rep and fatigue-factor lately ... Moon just closed and will host only special events until it reopens ... View seems to be going the same route. I can't speak to the gaming comps (since I am a low roller) but the property is sprucing up and trying to find its niche. The "we're the cool place" thing has long worn off and I think this will only help them. Good thing, too ... I really like View ... bartender is among the city's best bullshitters and the waitresses like to play pool if it's not busy!

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