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A couple years ago, I wrote a positive review concerning the then LVH buffet locals promotion. The weekday lunch buffet, reg price $19.95, was $4 for locals paying with points and the weekday dinner buffet, reg price $24.95 was $5 for local paying with points.

Since that time, the property has changed hands and is now Westgate and the lunch and dinner buffet both declined in quality pretty noticeably. Eventually they discontinued the weekday lunch buffet all together.

But they have now replaced the weekday lunch buffet with weekday breakfast buffet, which is kind of strange because they are now open for breakfast and dinner and closed 6 hours in between.

Anyway this weekday breakfast buffet, reg price $17.99, costs $2 for locals paying with points. I don't know what there rate of play for earning points is, but it doesn't take much play to earn a couple dollars, plus a modest amount of play will generate decent mailers.

So anyway, this $2 breakfast buffet is pretty decent. Not the best buffet but very respectable. All the regular breakfast foods. And the pancakes and French toast was much better than most buffets. Not as good as my favorite pancake place (Tuscany), but much better than most buffet pancakes. So if you have a local ID and are on the northern end of the strip (Paradise road) between 7-11am on a weekday, I recommend you give Westgate's $2 breakfast buffet a try. :)
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Sure i would $2+$3 tip. Make it $5 and should be good til dinner.
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