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July 14th, 2013 at 12:51:06 PM permalink
I am a big Sunday brunch guy. One of my favorites is LVH. My partner and I hit LVH fairly often, and I figure it's time for a shout out to them. For those of you not familiar, LVH has a decent buffet. Not among the best of Vegas, but better than most, especially the local places that we frequent quite a bit. And LVH treats locals pretty good. The price of the Sunday brunch is $19.99, but only $7 for locals paying with points. The LVH dinner buffet (mon-thurs) is $21.99, but only $5 for locals paying with comps. And comps are pretty easy to come by. I don't know there exact comp formula, but I have hundreds of dollars accumulated from pretty limited VP play this year. And speaking of vp play, a limited amount of monthly play and you will get a mailer with pretty good free play offers.

Now I don't know if LVH is just going through an aggressive marketing period to locals right now after the name change....that has been suggested, but their recent treatment of my partner and I is worthy of this shout out. :-)

P.s. Depending on your location, you may even find it convenient to take the monorail at $1 per ride for locals. :-)

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