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June 17th, 2013 at 7:09:32 PM permalink
I'll be in LV later this summer and I've always liked the LVH/Hilton (something about it feels classy vintage in a way the other casinos don't capture as well). On my visit last year, craps and 3:2 shoe blackjack midweek were both $5 and they offered $25 baccarat.

The table games section on their webpage now lists table limits/maximums and it's confusing. They list blackjack minimums as $5, $25, or $100...there's nothing in between, like $10 or $15? Also, craps maximums are listed but minimums are not, and the only baccarat minimum listed is $100, which seems unlikely as even Caesars Palace and Bellagio offer $25 mini-baccarat games at times.

Anyone out there who can say whether these new minimums are correct? I only ask because if they aren't offering $10-15 tables (I'll be in over a wknd and $5 blackjack seems unlikely), it's not worth stopping by, IMHO.

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