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Hi. I've been going to Vegas for 30 years and at the end of the week we're going with another couple. They love downtown so we'll be staying at the GN. I usually bet $25-50 a whack on blackjack and put $10 on the line at the crap table. Those two games are all I play and I get mailers from Mflife, etc. for free weekday rooms now and then but that's about it. I know my place in their pack. I've never even made a bet anywhere downtown in 30 years.

Will the same betting standards/amounts make me a bigger fish downtown in general, and the GN in particular. I don't even know if they have a high roller area and what constitutes a high roller vs. a player vs. a whale. I'm genuinely curious about that.
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GN gets some bigger action compared to everywhere else downtown (for the most part). They have $25 min DD games on the main floor. They have a high limit room and I believe mins are $50 or $100. Craps is likely $10 or $15 min.
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I've always gotten the impression GN thinks its a Strip property. $25-50 bets will get you much more at the El Cortez.
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The Golden Nugget gets a lot of regular Los Angeles folks with deep pockets. I'm pretty sure that you will not get noticed unless you work at it. You may get some credit for your room if you are playing 4+ hours at these limits. Also, try the Italian restaurant. Good luck.

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