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Ate here twice. Second time was on a casino comp, first time was paid for. Both were for dinner. In a unique twist, every buffet item is individually portioned in a monkey dish, little frying pan, or small bowl or plate. The buffet started off really strong with the appetizers which were almost universally good. I really liked the little sardine on a piece of crostini (got about six), the blue cheese (primo, think it was Stilton), and the smoked trout salad. They also had fresh pork carnitas tacos with all the fixin's (excellent), a Middle Eastern bar with hummus and baba (okay), and chilled seafood things like shrimp cocktail, gazpacho, and ceviche (all average).

The entrees and sides fell off a bit in quality. There is a carving station with a ton of meats (tended to stay away from it), "angry" mac and cheese (spicy and good), and grilled cowboy bacon (very good, similar to rib meat). The Chinese station was a major disappointment with bad sushi, stale noodles, and nasty kimchi. They did have pig's tail, though, which was a first to try and definitely interesting.

People were going nuts over the stacks of bone marrow but I didn't think it was that great. Definitely a high-end item for sure if you are into that. Also King crab legs which again I place into the overrated pile.

The dessert station was good with a lot of little, meticulously prepared parfaits none of which unfortunately were that inspiring, in my opinion. The strawberry shortcake was killer with fresh cream and strawberries. Actually, all the fresh fruit was really good. There is a gelato bar, and bread pudding and chocolate Vesuvio in individual portions.

The second time I went I used the strategy of sticking with the appetizers and avoiding the heavy food and entrees. This served me well, and I was able to try a lot of items. If you go, I would suggest getting the appetizers exclusively and only getting the entrees that offer the most flavor/experience per calorie (e.g., bacon, bone marrow, pig's tail). Then hit the desserts and fresh fruits, and more cheese. Definitely worth trying if you are a buffet aficionado. $30 for dinner, less for brunch (there is no separate breakfast service). An $8 add-on gets you unlimited beer or pretty good house wine.
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Ate at the Wicked Spoon -- WOW. Everything I tried was really really good.

Hummus was good but the pita bread was cold. Would have been 10/10 with warm bread. Cold bread makes it 6/10.

Pizza was excellent. They had some sort of bleux cheese (or feta?) pizza which was quite the surprise. Mmm.

I tried each of the 4 sushi options, 2 were fantastic, 1 was good, the other was just bad (really fishy stuff on it).

The meat station is nice, although the prime rib was VERY rare, and I'm not the one to be picky when it comes to thoroughly cooked meat. Usually buffets tend to cook the prime rib a bit more thoroughly (medium rare or medium)....but this stuff was light-rare. I enjoyed it, but I can see how others wouldn't.

For dessert I had this little mini chocolate mousse cone thingie. The darn thing's the size of my pinky, but damn was it good.

Of the buffets I've been to, I now rank Golden Spoon at the top, even above the bachanal. Actually, I'm thinking best/favorite restaurant (not just buffet) in Vegas.
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I love the Wicked Spoon. I've eaten there several times.

It constantly battles with the Wynn buffet for my pick as top Vegas buffet.

The only problem with the Wicked Spoon is that they have more variety in their daily offerings. I've been there some nights when I couldn't really find much that I enjoy.
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I've eaten at just about every Buffet in Vegas.
I was very impressed with the Wicked Spoon.
I highly recommend it.
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Have you seen a botox babe anywhere near the buffet?
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Wicked Spoon is still very good, and even most all of the small plates specialty dishes are worth trying.
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Everything you tried was really really good so how could some of the sushi be bad?
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Speaking of sushi, actually, a lot of the sushi at Wicked Spoon (and most buffets) contains imitation crab, which I abhor. So if you're not an imitation crab fan, then for the most part buffet sushi is not going to appeal to you.

Also keep in mind that the sushi at a buffet has been sitting out there a while, and can get dried out.

There is only one buffet I've found that has great sushi, and I have been to many, and this buffet with the great sushi is not a casino one, and is not in Vegas.
I tell you itís wonderful to be here, man. I donít give a damn who wins or loses. Itís just wonderful to be here with you people. https://wizardofvegas.com/forum/gambling/betting-systems/33908-the-adventures-of-mdawg/
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When I tired bacchanal in 2012 I was like a kid in a candy store that buffet changed my outlook on life. Since then it has definitely declined in quality ESP now that you cant get hot king crab legs without paying a extra fee. $65 buffet then when you get in there, they want you to pay extra for servers to bring you hot king crab WTF. I cant believe after paying $65 they would restrict access to ANY buffet items.

You used to be able to take the crab legs over and have them dunk them for you.

Still I think it eekes out wicket spoon as the winner.

1) Palace Station buffet, yes you heard me right! Now that its newly remodeled (no crab legs but standard buffet items especially the smoked meat are ON POINT) $12.99 and the value whore in me makes it eeke out the top spot.

2) Bacchanal If your going to go big, I think its probably still marginally the best buffet in Vegas if price is no issue. Chinese food declined in quality along with crab leg options.

3) Wicked Spoon - mehhhhhh alot of the dishes I feel are tying to be different for the sake of just being different- instead of being actually delicious or good. They went for what would look cool in yelp pictures.

I haven't tired palms new buffet yet but I heard its good too. Also excellent bang for your buck.
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Best Sleeper Buffet is at the M Resort. Friday-Saturday-Sunday their seafood buffet is the best in town. I believe it is $40.
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