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This thread is to be used to discuss entertainment available at Casino Royale.
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$3 Craps 20X odds. $1 beers and $1 slurpee margaritas and a coupon sheet you can get once a month now with some good discounts and bonus pays. 241 Beer or Margarita as well.

They put a tix 4 tonight in as well, so you can check on discount shows while you're there.

Mediocre Black Jack and $4 minimum roulette.

Wheel of Fortune .25 and dollar level for the ladies. Check the bonus sheet for bonus pays on .25 WOF.

The drinks come in these little glasses while you're playing, even the beer. Better off to get a bottle of Michelob at the bar and take it to the table or machine, then order a double Jack Black on the rocks with a coke back. They will bring you that.
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