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Completely fwiw: This morining on Mad Money on CNBC, investment guru Jim Cramer was asked about buying Caesars Entertainment stock. If you've ever wathced MM you know his lightning-quick style of answering questions. His response to whether or not CZR ($5.14) was a good invetment was about 3 seconds long:"No. Terrible stock; never should have gone public."

Jim is not the last word in investment advice but he's right far more often than he's wrong. And the value of CZR shares certainly doesn't affect my decision whether or not to increase my bet with a count of +4.

Again, simply fwiw.

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Should have been broken up for parts after the LBO.
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Terrible stock; never should have gone public

Maybe so, but the market should have by now factored all considerations into the price.
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Quote: odiousgambit

Maybe so, but the market should have by now factored all considerations into the price.

One of two things happen by 2015 when about 20% of their $21 billion debt matures:

1) They sell many of their properties to pay the billions in bonds due

2) They file for bankruptcy

They do not even make enough money to service the debt and their ability to borrow is difficult. They already sold a good chunk of the WSOP's interactive division. They have sold the St Louis property and certainly there are others for sale behind the scene. I don't think the likely severe change in business plan is factored in to the $654 million value given to the company by today's closing price. The debt is higher than the enterprise value and the book value per share is $.27. The company has lost over $1 billion in the past year, most of it is just the interest on the debt.

If you buy this stock the you should expect to lose all of your money in the next 3 years unless by some miracle Las Vegas tourism and local casino markets come exploding back.
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So it will be interesting to see if their aggressive
marketing helps or hurts ( Race to Rewards
comes to mind ).
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Yet the same man (James Cramer) rated this a buy in April. What has changed? Nothing has changed, so once again, it seems like Uncle Jimbo is following the pack on this stock. For once Jimmy, give us something to actually risk money on, or are you as the disclaimer says, for entertainment only???

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