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November 17th, 2009 at 6:10:27 PM permalink
The wireless Internet now works in Seattle's Best.

For some reason, on a Tuesday morning at 6 AM, the place was packed. I am used to being in casinos at that hour and they are usually dead -- even on most weekends. Practically everything was hopping busy. It didn't look like convention traffic, it was all kinds of people playing all kinds of games.

I still haven't seen a parade or any other "Orleans" type of activity. Though, today was "over 50" day and I got a free entry into a "free slot play" drawing. That's one level of abstraction too high... they should have just given me some free (or match) slot play.

There seems to be an extraordinary amount of activity in the Poker room, I don't recall it being nearly this busy last time. Fortunately, it is busy with people who "know how to play" (their own words).


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