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Quote: Ibeatyouraces

Especially when that +EV is only about 0.2%.

Even on a 50x?

I would love to have 50x points at many places.
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Quote: RogerKint

Point multipler promotions are so played out. The utter lack of creative, fun promotions is probably a big reason why there's a dearth of young adults in casinos. Someone please euthanize me if I have to play YAH, for +EV, when I'm 50.

You mean you don't want to play $1 ten play UX for $50k coin in to get $75 in EV??!!!? It doesn't get much better than that, I'll tell ya hwat.
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Just use a passport and make up some address that lets you jump through whatever hoops they put in place.


To make up for having to reverse this there's a good chance they'll just going to make it less good for everyone

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