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Quote: superrick

Elevators are the safest form of transportation in the world! When I was an elevator inspector I went to many safety meetings to improve their safety factor. The elevator code is constantly being rewritten, that code covers escalators too!

The one thing the elevator industry can not do is stop the fools from losing their life's or limbs or being scarred for life, because of their own stupidity.

Back when I raced sailboats, I campaigned hard to put a stop to the foolish practice of throwing somebody into this one pool after they won the race. One slip could paralyze that person for life, that was just a winner. I won that battle, and hopefully saved someone from being seriously injured by that practice.

Escalators are something that shouldn't be taken lightly. The one thing that will happen if someone gets hurt trying this challenge, that I can tell you for sure is that there will be a lawsuit, that the Wizards board can't defend. Does the guy that owns the Wizards board want to see what happens in court when they read that a retired elevator mechanic and elevator inspector warned you of the dangers of this foolish stunt?

I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but would hate to see anybody get hurt trying your challenge!

A long time ago, I worked at a local college as the campus security. I've seen some of the potential injuries from falling down an escalator. One lady I treated with first aid had some really deep gouges of flesh taken out of her legs. Wasn't pretty.
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This is getting wimpy. The real he-men & she-women of WoV should creatively combine things into a truly new sport worthy of the great minds assembled here. On the way home last night one such challenging possibility occurred to me. Many area casinos have bowling facilities on the property, as well as escalators. Imagine the possibilities. Call it Darwinathon.

I suddenly recalled this thread for a moment, as leaving for home from where I spent my day involved attempting to use an escalator at a large casino resort in the more mundane conventional way, as if it was a simple device for moving about. At times this can be hard to do in some of those joints. The way onto the contraption was of course blocked by the usual convention of folk who naturally choose each end of it as their very most favorite place to stand and do nothing and go nowhere together, in a tightly packed group, forcing everyone trying to enter or leave the place to do the same. So with this thread in mind, I surrendered to the convention of the American Association of Escalator Constipation Facilitators, and just watched them for a few minutes. In the space of five minutes or so, I saw two separate Mensa Mommies bravely stroll right by the way to the alternative elevator in order to push baby strollers in front of them onto the escalator amidst the stumbling drunks, and was similarly amazed to watch several separate couples try, with mixed results, to stuff the same escalator with a tumbling assortment of ginormous luggage pieces the size of Volkswagons. I had no idea there were people who apparently fly to a Las Vegas vacation resort with all the inventory of goods required in order to open their own convenience store, or to try to get rid of their whiney annoying little spawn once and for all by stuffing him into a flimsy wheeled thing and shoving it down a large escalator. This is when the bowling ball inspiration struck.

Unfortunately, that particular large hoity-toity mid-Strip resort does not have any bowling stuff. But if it did, perhaps the surviving winners of the Darwinathon Bowling Escalator Challenge could be invited to show off their athletic prowess in a playoff elimination round by combining it with the simultaneous consumption of several chickens, chopped into mouth sized chunks of course.
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Quote: BlueEagle

This challenge reminded me of this video:

Sure, but when you reach the end of the walkway at full tilt you'll fall flat on your face. Not sure if that's the right metaphor they are going for. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses... I'm sure Ferris Bueller taught me that...
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Shouldn't permission be obtained before going onto someone's property and engaging in escalator escapades?
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Quote: 1BB

Shouldn't permission be obtained before going onto someone's property and engaging in escalator escapades?

Good grief.
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If someone gets injured or killed performing this latest stunt, will the Wizard face only civil or also criminal liability?
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Quote: DrawingDead

This is getting wimpy.

You said it. The vigorous accent of moving stairs ain't exactly X Games material.
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Quote: Face

You said it. The vigorous accent of moving stairs ain't exactly X Games material.

What if I go down up-moving escalators on a snowboard?
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Quote: Face

You said it. The vigorous accent of moving stairs ain't exactly X Games material.

Quote: Mission146

What if I go down up-moving escalators on a snowboard?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what would happen if the next fool that gets hurt on a escalator here in Vegas gets a lawyer that does a little research and finds your challenge on the web.

Maybe he will drag you two into the lawsuit, along with this board!
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