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Comped groceries add to my weekly diet. I play BJ a few hours, ask for a comp at the Chinese restaurant or steak house, get my orders to go, and repackage/freeze my loot when I get home. I also wear a large fanny pack filled with Ziploc bags to the buffets.
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These are the best grocery shops which are available for your convenience from where you may be able to get every thing which you need even they provide the free delivery to your home.
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Quote: cliffmiller

My husband and I had some of our first dates walking the isles of the local grocery stores in Hawaii, looking at what was available. We knew then, that food, our first love, would play a part in our relationship, and years later, we still have fun searching grocery store isles.
Glazier's food marketplace is a very unique store, walking in seeing the hay stacked around the old truck you know that this isn't the usual grocer. Once you enter you are introduced to the freshest produce. There are boxes stacked with the brightest golden yellow, vivid red and emerald green bell peppers, or sometimes it fresh berry's. Your eyes are jumping around at all the baskets, the stacked boxes and barrels of vegetables and fruits. Finally, your eyes find the white sign placed before the object of delight and you see the price, you take a double take and then a moment of disbelief before you realize it's not a misprint. Prices are reasonable.
If you veer off to the left of the entrance, you find the fresh food counters, there is gelato and sushi, drinks, and sandwiches, straight ahead is a baby grand piano, (have yet to see anyone playing it) and it's surrounded by tables and chairs for eating your fresh bought salad from the salad bar, or the fresh baked double chocolate cookies or donuts from the bakery. There is a large selection of fresh cheeses and sausages, I even found my beloved pimiento cheese spread (childhood memory, spread on toast, makes a great sandwich).
As you make your way around to the back of the store, you find the meat counter, on display is fresh meats and fishes. If you want a food basket, they can make one up for you. They have a fairly decent wine selection, a comprehensive international area covering several isles, and the rest of the store is just like any other grocery store with the exception of Hawaii products, if you check the freezer isle, you find Zippi's chili, Redondo's Portuguese sausage and even siamin noodles.
If you come regularly you can find some really good deals, and with the purchase of $25, you can pick up at least two free items, they change weekly, or the family meal deal. It is a bit off the beaten path for us (Warm Springs and Durango), we tend to stay more north of the 215 but since it's not too far from us, we try to make it in at least monthly. A very clean, friendly store worth stopping in. We also have an online shop, where the address is (link removed by moderator)

Good job spamming your link that has nothing to do with the post. Since nobody is looking at it in your blog post you should stick it into a whole bunch of other peoples posts.

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thankyou for your advice

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