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I do not like normal vacations. Sitting by the pool or on the beach? No thanks. One reason I have not had an actual vacation in over 10 years is I cannot figure out where to go. After thinking about it one thing I used to enjoy was management conferences when I was in, well, management. With that I realize what I want is half a day of some kind of convention where I can learn about my interests and the rest of the day to relax if I like. Back in the day we had a couple years with meetings 8-12 and the rest of the day to ourselves.

Anyways, two questions for discussion. One, is there a list of different conventions in Vegas? I figure a comprehensive list of conventions/conferences open to the public is out of the question, but any ideas are welcome. I mostly prefer something about investing, trading, or crypto with the latter not too heavy on the tech side, more than total beginner but do not need to be a math masters holder to get it.

On the former, has anyone heard of This one? Or any ideas in other cities? I am thinking Vegas for warm weather in winter and potential free flight and other discounts I have piled up. But any warm place in winter works.
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First, I don't know about the group in your link. However, from what you said, it looks like you might enjoy attending.

I suggest checking with the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors agency. They are happy to share. Once you have a group name, the Internet should provide the most up-to-date meeting details.

I used to attend the gaming conferences held in Biloxi in the years following Y2K (pre-Katrina). Gaming technology has always fascinated me, and it's great fun schmoozing with table mates at large-luncheon events.
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It's been my experience at multiple business conferences for different industries, that it's not too difficult to get a free pass to the expo floor. Once you have that pass, often you can get into the breakout rooms as security is light or non-existent at those rooms. Security DOES check for passes to the expo floor. The key is knowing someone who knows someone at one of the larger presentation booth companies. They tend to give out passes like candy. G2E is a perfect example. There's a thread here about it. Using free expo only passes, I've sat in on a couple sessions, including a fun keynote presented by Penn Jillette.

Entertainment / fan conventions are a totally different story. Free passes are a lot more scarce and they got security up the ying/yang checking.
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