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Quote: terapined

Really needed to get out o Vegas
Took the drive out to Death Valley.
Absolutely loved it
Kind of pricy. There was an automated kiosk charging 30.00 bucks
Could have passed right by it but I paid
Got to the furnace creek station.
Told them just turned 62 and interested in the annual pass
They said they had a great deal. Since I already paid 30, another 50 for a total of 80 and I get a lifetime pass to all National Parks
Loved the park
Checked out the lowest spot by badwater
Checked out the old borax works
Did the Golden Canyon trail. Saw somebody looking at pics then the canyon walls. They said 1st Star Wars movie shot here
Checked out the badlands
Going back in a few days to check out more of the park.
Perfect antidote to Vegas
Another bonus. Dispensary outside the park in CA. Reasonable prices. picked up an OZ for 170. They go for over 300 in Vegas

You need to do that trip in July or August to get the full experience.
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