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November 29th, 2010 at 2:34:11 PM permalink
I went...attendance was down quite a bit from previous years in my opinion..Walked over to the F&B Pavillion and was shocked how few vendors were there. Used to be able to go over there and "graze" a bit to tide me over till dinner..not so this year..parking in front of the Convention Center was never full on Tues & Wed....very weak turnout...It moves to the Venetian ( Sands Convention Center) next year...
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November 29th, 2010 at 3:28:50 PM permalink
Quote: Wizard

3. The parking situation is horrible. There is a lot across the street on Paradise, which I've never used. The lot right in front of the convention center always seems full. Otherwise, you can park at the Hilton for free, but it is about a 20-minute walk to the convention center. Personally, I park at the Hilton, get my bike out of the car, and ride the rest of the way.

I've been going to G2E for 10 years, and WGCE before that. This year was the first I really figured it out:
1) Take Swenson north (not Paradise), cross Desert Inn, and you're on Joe Brown on the backside of the convention center.
2) Park in the Hilton sportsbook parking lot
3) Walk along the sidewalk past the employee garage toward the convention center.
4) When you come to the corner of the employee garage, make a beeline toward the bus pickup area of the convention center. You'll pass the H.R. building and a guard booth.
That's the *back entrance* to the convention center and it puts you at the far end of the Central halls. In other words, way in the back of the gaming show - this year, around row 3300 or so. Assuming you already have your badge, you get right into the hall. Then you just work your way forward.
5) When you leave, take Joe Brown/Swenson back. Piece of cake.

Next year the show is at the Sands expo so I'll have to figure out a new tactic. Oh well.

Edit: I can't answer the poll because I'm all of the last 4 selections. :)
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November 29th, 2010 at 6:06:06 PM permalink
Quote: MathExtremist

Edit: I can't answer the poll because I'm all of the last 4 selections. :)

I created a different poll that allows multiple replies:

BTW: I'm thinking I WILL be going to G2E in 2011, so I gotta ask: It's a much smaller venue so why the move to the Sands? (Or did I just answer my own question?)
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